Todaytec is a global manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbon headquartered in Hangzhou China. Our mission is to help Customers grow their ribbon business. With experienced sales professionals dedicated to over 2500 customers in 60+ countries, commitment to our company mission has allowed for business growth and global recognition for over a decade.

Established in 2002, we began to successfully change the way the TTR industry operated by offering Customers the opportunity to choose a provider that would help differentiate themselves from the competition and increase sales. Today, we remain the World’s fastest growing ribbon manufacturer thanks to the growing popularity of our quality products and our always-competitive pricing.

Todaytec is an ISO9001 certified company and is guaranteed to provide our Customers the best quality the market can offer. All of our patented products are environmentally friendly and are complied with RoHS, REACH restriction and have passed ISEGA testing. Our products are approved and widely used in many industries including food packaging and medical manufacturing.

Todaytec’s UK based facility opened in early 2013 with the aim of delivering our excellent service and products directly to the European market at an extremely competitive price.With an extensive warehouse and the latest slitting machine technology, this allows us produce your transfer ribbon to the exact specifications that you require.

We welcome you to the Todaytec family and look forward to helping you grow your ribbon business.

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